Comic Book Quilts
Custom Made From .............. YOUR T-Shirts!
YOUR T-Shirts!
Comic Book Quilts  ........Made from YOUR T-Shirts!
Comic Book T-Shirt Quilts

Hi! I'm Wilma Cogliantry. My husband, Jim & I are professional quilters. We've been together since 1970. Yep, that's a long time. But, he still makes me laugh. What else am I to do?

Jim & I began our first quilting business in 1999, quilting all kinds of quilts. We've quilted over 5,000 quilts for customers. We're experienced & inventive. We know it takes more than talent & there's no substitute for quality. We don't cut corners. We're better than good because we care!

Now, it's time for a New Adventure!

Comic Book Quilts.... Made from YOUR T-Shirts.

Dig through your drawers & clean out your closets. Should your T-Shirts stay in there all sad & lonely? What do you think? Wouldn't you rather cuddle & coo with your favorite super hero? Or, maybe you'd rather nuzzle with a dastardly villain! Hey, our lips are sealed!

We know the scoop, the score & the scene.We have the skill to make a top quality quilt from your collection of Comic Book T-Shirts! is a division of

Wilma & Jim Cogliantry



Made From YOUR T-Shirts!.......Is a division of
Wilma & Jim Cogliantry
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