Comic Book Quilts
Custom Made From .............. YOUR T-Shirts!
YOUR T-Shirts!
Comic Book T-Shirt Quilts

How long does it take?

We have a six weeks lead time.

#1 - Call us, 860-829-2821, to reserve time on the schedule.

# 2 - After we've spoken, print an Order Sheet & send your shirts to us.

#3 - We'll call you to discuss your T-Shirt Quilt when we receive your package.

We'll have your quilt finished by the reserved date!

How should I prepare my shirts?

Please do NOT cut your T-Shirts. We like to work with clean, washed T-shirts. Please use unscented detergent and unscented dryer sheets.

What about nylon or poly T-Shirts?

Sorry, we don't accept them. It's too hard to stabilize those kinds of fabrics properly for quality quilt making. We accept cotton t-shirts only.

How should I send my shirts?

Pack your shirts in a plastic bag and use in a sturdy carton. Be sure to put your completed Order Form in with your shirts.  We like to use the three day Priority cartons from the USPS.  UPS is a winner, too.

How do we pay you?

Payment is expect at the time of the order. We'll ask for your credit card information when we receive your shirts & we call to discuss everything. We accept, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express     

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