Comic Book Quilts
Custom Made From .............. YOUR T-Shirts!
YOUR T-Shirts!
PLEASE Contact us & Read the FAQ Page PRIOR to sending your T-Shirts

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Many shirts have images on both sides. Pin a safety pin to the collar on the side you'd like in your T-Shirt Quilt. If you'd like both side of your shirt in the quilt, pin safety pins to both sides. 
If some of your shirts are special & you would like them featured, please pin information on the shirt.  
Please, do NOT send nylon shirts, cut your shirts, or use scented detergent/fabric softener.
If you have any special requests, please make notes on the back of the form.
Small Throw 50″ x 66″ (3 rows) 12+ shirts  $350 __ Full  82″ x  82″ (5 rows) 36+ shirts  $625__
Large Throw 66″ x 66″ (4 rows) 18+ shirts  $425__ Queen 98" x 104 (6 rows) 46+ Shirts $825__

Twin 66″ x  82″ (4 rows) 26+ shirts  $550 __              King 114" x 98" (7rows) 56+ shirts $950__
We stock a large stock of color choices in solids and prints.
Fabric color choice for top sashing & borders:_______________
Fabric color choice for back of quilt:____________or Comic Book Quilts to choose fabric colors:___
If in Connecticut, sales tax will be additional.   We accept all major credit cards.       .....Made from YOUR T-Shirts
Wilma & Jim Cogliantry
44 Christian Lane -  Berlin CT 06037 - 860-829-2821